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Responsive x-tags

Custom elements are small UI components that you can re-use all over your application, while at the same time keeping you markup tidy and semantic. However, in practice, you often cannot fit the same element everywhere. Imagine the autocomplete built in the previous blog post. If you place the autocomplete in a small sidebar, you need the results appearing in a pop-over list. However, if you want to build a real search page, you want the results always visible in a clear, big area. The solution to this is a new concept, named Responsive x-tags.
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Templates – NextGen Markup pt.1

I got the idea for this series of articles after looking a bit deeper at the web components introduction working draft. Pretty soon I realized that the proposed component model gives us more power over our markup and introduce concepts that up to now where available only to programming languages.

This series of guides will make a brief introduction on the 4 key pieces of web components: Templates, Decorators, Custom Elements and Shadow DOM. Keep in mind that we are talking about an editors draft, and it is in no way supported by the browsers yet. I will try to explain what it is about, offer an example and explain the base functionality of each piece. Starting with Templates.
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